Discover an extensive selection of pole dance knee pads crafted specifically for your training needs. This collection features 12mm thick knee pads, ideal for tackling intense drops, while our 7mm thin is considered best for floor-work and dance classes. With strategically placed cuts behind the knee to expose skin and specialised gripping materials on the sides and strapping, our knee pads provide exceptional grip on the pole. Explore a vibrant array of colours including black and beige / tan, as well as captivating designs like Glitter, Zebra and Snake. Safeguard your knees from impact and burns with our highly recommended Pole Dance collection. Start shopping online today and enjoy Australia-wide shipping!


If you're a serious pole dancer or someone who is just starting out, it's important that you use the right equipment. The collection provides a range of Australia's best knee pads for pole dancing available. Made with the highest quality materials, these are designed by professional dancers and aim to bring you the very best performance, quality and style.

Knee Pads for Pole Dancers Australia

The Pole Room is fast becoming Australia’s leading online retailer of pole dance gear and is now selling the latest range of range of Australia's best knee pads. Available in different colours, styles and sizes, these knee pads are made specifically for pole dancers. They are lightweight and easy to slide on, while others have a velcro back to easily prepare for your next routine without removing your heels. All knee pads are designed to help you grip to the pole so you can maximise your performance with every move! Check out our entire selection above to find your dream pair. 

Across the range we have a number of cool features to look out for including:

  • Adjustable velcro to accomodate a lose or tight fit
  • Open back knees to help you use your skin to grip to the pole
  • Sticky vinyl and gel dots to help you stick to brass, stainless and chrome poles
  • Mesh side to help you legs breathe * Use our Knee Pad product filter to get narrow down your search.

All of these are brand new Australian designed knee pads are now available for you to rock your routine. Purchase your pair today

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