Review: Creatures of XIX Chaps

Review: Creatures of XIX Chaps

They're shiny. They're black. They show off your best bits in the most daring way possible. They're none other than the Creatures of XIX Chaps! Taking the dance world (and particularly the pole world) by storm, these open-crotch leggings are innovative, loud and surprisingly comfy. Not to mention they make your routines look extra spicy.

But before snatching up a pair of these in your cart, you're probably wondering what the hype is all about.

Well it ain’t legit until it’s a word-of-mouth-from-someone-we-know-legit! Whew! We mean, yeah, we get tempted to buy stuff off the rack or online but nothing beats hearing or seeing how awesome a product is from a fellow poler!

What polers say

One of our 40+ and Fab Students, Sue, loved it so much she even bought two. Yes, TWO! For when one went in the wash, she wanted that spare to show the world what she was working with.

Now here’s what our resident pole-mermaid Tameena has to say about the Chaps. 

“My creatures of XIX chaps are AMAZING! Not only do they look sexy as anything… but they really help when you want to do leg hangs because they take away allll the pull and sting on your legs!

They are sooo good for photo shoots, etc, and I can’t stop wearing them ESPECIALLY through winter 😍

If you don’t have some you NEEEED some in your life.”

If you need more convincing, check Tameena out in her recent pole routine here.

Looking for something else to pair with your Chaps? A hot bralette (link to blog) or a sexy bottom(link to blog)? We gotchu! 


If you don't have a pair of Creatures of XIX leggings, are you even pole obsessed?! We're sure you are, but heck, they do help. Show the entire collection now, and remember to finish the look with some boots to match.

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