Why a Dance Pole is a Great Investment for Your Home

Why a Dance Pole is a Great Investment for Your Home

Hey pole dancers! Have you ever wanted to take your pole dancing with you? It's never been more possible. Working out at home is a whole new craze, and with brands like Lupit Pole providing the best in floor-to-ceiling and portable dance poles, you can bring the fun of the studio into your own living room, spare room or even backyard.

Although you're probably a regular at your local studio, this blog post will go into the benefits of having your own home pole. Get ready to feel sexy and confident when it suits!


All-Round Convenience 

From being able to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and relieve stress it is no wonder why people are taking up pole more often than ever before. It really is an art form that not only looks amazing, but also has so many health benefits.

But what about if your local studio doesn't have the classes you want to do at a time that suits? Maybe you want to work on your own pole program that's tailored to your personal goals? That's when having a home pole is super convenient.  

A question that comes up often: Can I pole dance at home in the same way as I do in a studio? The answer is yes! There are many tutorials and videos online that teach you how to pole dance. Why not head over to our Virtual Studio, where you have access to an enormous library of tutorials, tricks, class recordings and live classes straight from your laptop or mobile device?! With your very own home pole, the sky is the limit! 


Perfect For Busy Lifestyles

Outside a packed work and social schedule, there are people out there who truly dedicate themselves to mastering a skill - they don't just do it on occasion, they live and breath it. If pole is that thing, you want to be able to fit it around your already busy lifestyle. Having a home pole will allow you to do just that.

Regardless of whether you live in an apartment or rental, or have your own home, there's a pole out there that will make your home studio goals come true. Head to our blog post on How to Choose the Right Pole so that making the decision is easy. We've also got tips on What to Look For in a Portable Dance Pole in case you don't want to avoid putting drills into your roof.

Pole dancing is a brilliant way to keep fit and build confidence whilst you're getting a total body workout that builds up strength and flexibility. When you have a home pole, you won't have to travel far or drive through traffic to enjoy the perks! Not to mention you can work out and odd times of the day in case you work around the clock, or have kids.


Easy to Set Up and Take Down

Home dance poles have come a long way. They're equipped with technology that makes it easy for the everyday person to assemble (and pull apart when needed). All of the tools are included in each kit, and the instructions are easy to follow. Everything is made simple, and if you need support, you can chat to our team or jump on YouTube for instructions. Order one today and start having fun at home!



Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Pole Room is committed to ensuring you can live your pole lifestyle to the full! If you have questions that need answering about purchasing your first home pole, be sure to reach out at shanae@thepoleroom.com.au.

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