Why Every Pole Dancer Needs Creatures of XIX Leggings

Why Every Pole Dancer Needs Creatures of XIX Leggings

Grippy as hell, fits to the core, clingier than your ex and hugs your butt just the same! The Creatures of XIX brand have taken the pole world by storm with their premium grippy leggings (the proof is in your pole crush's IG page).

Here’s why every pole dancer should add the Creatures of XIX pole wear to their wardrobe. The Gecko leggings are everything you could ask for (and then some!), and more, and they're now at our studios and shop

Whether you’re too shy to show some skin, too cold to wear just shorts or just love how trendy these baddies are, these innovative leggings are the perfect pole ‘fit for you. Let's break down the 4 big reasons why we're obsessing over them right now.

1. They really, truly work!

Does it grip? Oh tell us about it! We haven’t met anything as clingy as this one! It grips the pole just as much as your skin does, minus the burn. The sophisticated design lines and thick waistband gives off a flattering fit too, they’ll compliment your figure. This means you can finally wear leggings to your tricks classes. Boo-yah!

2. They're a dream to move in 

Did anyone ask about comfort? This pair is too damn stretchy, it screams freedom. Feeling anxious about being uncomfortable while you do your pole tricks should be the last thing on your mind. Split, climb, invert all you want, the leggings got you!

3. Trending designs

The back design doesn’t fall short on booty flexin’ either. The scrunch-butt creates emphasis on bootyful curves - the anaconda would want one cause damn you got buns, hun! Let's not forget the glossy finish on the XIX branding that's patterned across the entire garment.

4. Quality on point

Its' material glistens, catches light and attention, making you the star that you already are. These are built to last for those challenging pole workouts, so you have piece of mind that they'll live in your pole bag for years to come.


If you don't have a pair of Creatures of XIX leggings, are you even pole obsessed?! We're sure you are, but heck, they do help. Show the entire collection now, and remember to finish the look with some boots to match.

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  • Felisha Mina
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