3 Ways Grip Aids Improve Your Pole Dancing

3 Ways Grip Aids Improve Your Pole Dancing

Pole dancers know well and truly that grip aids are essential for anyone's bag of tricks. From newbies, instructors and performers, grip aids can assist by adding control, balance and safety. There's nothing worse than feeling as though you're slipping whilst you're trying to take a video of a new exciting trick you've just learnt! And you don't want to sacrificing the sass of your routine because of slippery hands or contact points.

If you're pole dancing between home and different studios, you also want to be able to maintain your level of grip, regardless of what pole surface, material, or pole width comes your way. The only way to make the most of your pole experience every time, is by using a grippy solution! This is where we talk all things grip aids and how they help us make the most.


Maximum Control

Whether you are a seasonal competitor or a student starting out, grip aids help with controlling movement. It's not uncommon for your hands to sweat and slip on the pole – but that can really make you feel like you're lacking the skills to execute moves! Grip aids create a layer of protection against moisture and makes it so much easier to hold on. If you're climbing the pole, doing inverts, or simply wanting to spin for longer, pole dance grip will help you get a firm hold. Sweaty hands are a common problem, and it's good to know there are workarounds for that too. 


More Balance

During pole dancing, it's one thing to be talented, but another to have a firm grasp on your apparatus. When you're wanting your moves to appear seamless and flawless, turn to pole grip for balance and stability. When you're incorporating tricks that require various contact points on your skin, adding high-quality grip will give you the extra stick, making it easier on your body to do what you want it to do!


Improved Safety

Safety first! Pole is a physically demanding sport and when it makes up a big part of your lifestyle, you want to ensure you're taking all the right measures to prevent unplanned injuries. Every grip solution is designed with this in mind and as each bottle is inexpensive and includes enough formula for multiple applications, having your product on standby is really a no-brainer. If you're unsure of which grip is best for you, check out our blog post on the 5 Top-Rated Grips, as Voted by Pole Dancers!



At The Pole Room, we sell a wide range of pole dance grips available online. In fact, we stock popular products from brands like iTac, X-Dry and Koala Gripas these are popular and tried and tested with students at our studios. Our complete range of grips are also suitable for different pole materials such as brass, chrome, stainless steel and powder-coated poles.

If you need a hand choosing, or want to purchase grip in bulk, chat to our product expert (shanae@thepoleroom.com.au) and we'll be right there! 

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