The 5 Top-Rated Grips, As Voted By Pole Dancers

The 5 Top-Rated Grips, As Voted By Pole Dancers

For polers, shopping for grip aid feels a bit like being a kid in a candy store. How do you choose between all the colours, types, and pretty packaging!? Whilst everyone's taste really depends on their skin type, pole repertoire, and application preference, we asked our pole community which grips rank on their list.

Maybe it's time for a top-up. Perhaps you're new and ready for your first bottle (exciting!) In this article, we'll go through the faves and why people love 'em. There's no doubt that finding a product that you love will be the key to improving your pole dancing.



First of the rank is a staple across pole studios across the world. ITAC2 is a versatile, multi-purpose grip that's used for all kinds of sports, even outside the pole world. The original ITAC2 grip comes in Regular and Extra Strength. Don't be fooled by the size of these little jars! You only need a small amount to feel the extra stick, meaning you'll get lots of wear out of each purchase. It's a wax-like finish that you'll apply just 1-minute before your pole class. Voila!




Love tricks? You'll swear by Griptinite. As the new kid on the block, this formula is cutting edge, tried and tested, and loved by professionals. Works within a few seconds of applying, so you don't have to wait around between classes to do your thang. It's a liquid finish that's designed to beat rain, humidity, sweat and body oils, so it's no wonder why dancers count on it to pull off their most daring moves. 



This one's for our eco-shoppers! Envirogrip ticks all the boxes when we're talking about being a conscious shopper and pole-ing sustainably. Made in Australia using biodegradable packaging, the tube itself is recyclable meaning you can do what you do best, whilst caring for the environment. Other than the fact it's vegan-friendly, and not tested on animals, it gets the job done for when you're wanting more control during a pole class.



Ready to turn up the heat? Mighty Grip will be your BFF during your dance and tricks classes. Heat activated, Mighty Grip works best after stretching and warming up as it responds to your body temperature. How cool is that?! A small bottle is enough for 150 applications, which makes it great value for money. If you love it and want to try something new, go ahead and try Mighty Grip's Special Formula which is just as effective.




A best-seller in the TPR Shop...and for good reason! Rainy, humid, or shine, Koala Grip is an all-rounder that works a treat under all conditions. Unlike a lot of other grips on the market, Koala Grip is non-sticky, non-greasy, and won't leave a powery/dusty mess after your pole sesh. Apply a small amount to your grip points and you'll be on your way. Did we mention it's made in Australia and vegan-friendly?!



It's a wrap - the much-loved grips, as voted by you! Every poler is different, and the only way to find out which one truly works with your body chemistry is to try them all. If you're someone with ultra sweaty hands, we've reviewed the go-to grip for that too.

Happy shopping and if you need a hand choosing, or want to purchase grip in bulk, chat to our product expert ( and we'll be right there! 






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