Stripper Heels: The Ultimate Guide to Sizing, Fit & Care

Stripper Heels: The Ultimate Guide to Sizing, Fit & Care


Hey there poler bear! So you’ve decided it’s time to treat yourself with a pair of slinky, sexy, stripper heels. As exciting as it is, we totally get that the whole process can be quite overwhelming. Unlike a set of runners or some ballet flats that you’d wear around the office, shopping for pole heels comes with extra consideration. It’s not just about grabbing something that represents your cheeky vibe and your bad gal attitude. You want keepers that are great on the eye and are a dream to strut your stuff in. And most of all, you want them to stick around for your entire dance journey.

So we’re here to turn you into a stripper shoe guru! In this article, you’ll get the 4-1-1 on styles, sizing and aftercare, meaning you’ll have the confidence to shop with us online anytime you feel like going for a new look.


There’s a reason while pole dancers don’t just wear stock standard stilettos or wedges in the studio. Pole heels are unique because they’re designed to make your legs look longer. They allow you to create beautiful lines and add that extra flair into your chorey. If it’s your first time shopping and you’ve started having a play with our award-winning search filter, we know what you’re thinking...

What’s the difference between leather and patent materials?
 These refer to the exterior of the heel. Leather heels are loved by polers because they’re breathable, durable and have a matte feel which is easy to match with outfits. On the other hand, patent heels appear to be shinier and glossier, which looks great on the ‘gram. 

Are they unisex? Ofcourse! All our heels are loved by all genders.

Can I still wear my heels if I’ve got an ankle injury? We are all about pushing the boundaries, but if you are a bit under the weather, do check with your physio to make sure you can do what you want your body to do. Ankle braces also come in handy for added support.
Disclaimer: We’re responsible for making sure you feel like a goddess in the mirror, but we won’t be held accountable if you stunt your recovery from an injury.

I’ve having trouble choosing between a strap or boot? Help! 
Great question! There’s no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds, but depending on whether you have super wide or narrow feet, you may be better off with one more than the other. More on that in the “Sizing” section, which is up next.



The pole scene welcomes all shapes, sizes and body types. The same thing goes for stripper heels - there’s a perfect shoe out there for EVERYONE. 

Are your feet on the narrow side? The clear ranges are nice and snug, and you can even wear nude stockings underneath for extra grip. If you’ve got wider feet and bigger calves, the boots work a treat because the lace-ups give you full range of comfort. More info below...

How does the sizing work? Ahh, our most frequent frequently-asked-question! Our heels sizes are in US, so use the sizing guide below to find your fit. Don’t worry if they’re feeling a little tight at first - they’ll loosen up after a couple of wears.

So for those of you who wear an AUS half size, we suggest same sizing for open toe boots or strappy sandals, then we generally recommend sizing up for closed toe boots to allow your toes enough space to move in without sliding. (e.g. if you normally wear a 6.5 shoe in AUS, grab a size 7 heel, or size 8 for closed toe boot).  

Pleasers Sizing

Total beginner over here! What heel height should I go for? Let’s say you’re reallllly not the type to wear heels on the reg. You can always start with a 6 inch heel, then work your way up. Having said that, our heels are made to move and most polers practice with 7-inch or 8-inch platforms.

I’m a curvier individual. Will the thigh-high heels work on me? Yas! You can rock the thigh-high look any day of the week. If you want more freedom of movement, go for the lace-up as you’ll have control over how they fit. 

If unsure, opt for a mid-calf or knee-high boot and team them up with some knee-high/thigh-high socks for those long leggy feels.


Rule number 1: Don’t leave your precious Pleasers in the boot of your car! Especially on a hot day, as the quality of the materials will become more susceptible to wear and tear. Here are more tips on how you can keep your heels in the game.

I want to make sure my heels are in top condition. Advice plz! If you’re dedicated to the cause, there’s no doubt your heels will be doing a lot of clicking and tapping as you perform pole tricks and exotic floorwork moves. We can’t recommend heel protectors enough! These shield your heels from all that grazing and you can slide them on any type of platform heel.

How do I store my shoes? Keep them in a cool place that’s free from moisture. When you’re putting them in your gym bag, ensure they live in a separate component from your other belongings so they’re not scratching around with your keys, drink bottles and whatever leftovers you had from lunch!

What do I do to keep my heels clean? How you care for your Pleasers will depend on the material. If you’ve opted for a suede pair, invest in a suede brush and lightly scrub in the direction of the fibres. Leather cleaners and brushes can also be used for leather heels. For all other textures, use a warm, damp towel and steer away from harsh chemicals or cleaning products. 

Pro hack: Use a sharpie to hide discolouration as you break into your heels. No one will ever notice!

Can I wear them outdoors? Sure can. But if you plan on running wild at a festival, do try and be gentle with your heels!

There you have it. At TPR, we get that shoe shopping is kind of a big deal. If you’ve got other Qs or need assistance finding that dream pair, you can reach out to Nat (our beloved pole and heels expert) on Happy pole-ing! 💜

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