Is This The Best Pole Dancing Grip for Sweaty Hands?

Is This The Best Pole Dancing Grip for Sweaty Hands?

Pole dance grip is a great way to add another dimension to your pole dancing routine. It can give you more control, help with balance and also increase the intensity of your workout (more on that in this article). But do you find that sweaty hands are still preventing you from maintaining full control? Does the moisture from your hands cause you to slip mid-trick?

There are many different types of pole dance grip on the market and each one reacts differently to everyone's body chemistry. But for excessively sweaty hands, there is one product that pole dancers rave about. Introducing Tite Grip! In this blog post we'll talk about the reasons why this is a top-seller for individuals with slippery hands.


About Tite Grip

Tite Grip serve professionals and amateur athletes across various sports. They understand that the secret to performance can rely heavily on an individual's level of grip. For pole dancing specifically, their formula is non-sticky, works for hours, and can be used on any parts of the skin that draws unwanted moisture. At The Pole Room, Tite Grip is available for purchase individually, or in sets of 2 or 3. 


A High-Performing, Skin-Friendly Formula

It's a lotion that has been specifically designed for pole dancers - it's made from natural ingredients so it won't irritate skin, it contains no animal products (which is important if you have allergies), and it has been tested by professional dancers and enthusiasts around the world. It has a light lavender fragrance, which is a pleasant scent, and has a light orange colour upon initial application. 


Easy Application

Apply a small amount to your grip points, 30-60 minutes before your pole class - behind your legs, and elbows, on your hands, and hips - anywhere that will require you to have control on the pole. As it dries, the solution draws moisture from your skin and you'll be able to stay on top of your game. It really does work like magic! Just make sure you wash your hands with warm soapy water and wipe down your pole after your sessions.


What Pole Dancers Are Saying

"I find Tite Grip the easiest to apply as the lotion seems to go a long way compared to other grips I’ve tried. It seems to last longer on the skin." - Cathy, Melbourne

"I sweat a lot and I find that Tite Grip 1 is the best formula for my skin." - Karen, Brisbane

"Love the lavender fragrance, it’s really soothing when I pole. I use the lotion on my hands and behind the legs because they’re the two areas I sweat the most." - Kylie, Canberra

"Great to find Tite Grip is back in stock and at a reasonable price! I’ve been using Tite Grip for almost 6 years and love it." - Jenny, Melbourne



Pole dance grips help to  provide comfort for sore fingers and wrists, and they allow you to get into some cool tricks that would be harder to pull off otherwise!  With Tite Grip especially, there's no need to worry about your hands slipping from all that perspiration. 

If you're curious about our grip products, the top-sellers, or want to purchase grip in bulk, chat to our friendly product expert ( who'll be right there! 

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