What to Look for in a Portable Dance Pole

What to Look for in a Portable Dance Pole

A portable dance pole (also known as a stage pole) is the best way to make sure you can kick pole goals from home, when it suits your busy lifestyle. Portable poles are easy to move and can be used on wooden floors, or on any type of smooth surface.

Why a Dance Pole is a Great Investment for Your Home

Just like the poles that live in your studio, portable poles allow you to perform spins, techniques, tricks and routines - safely and effectively. Whilst sturdy, portable poles can be assembled and moved with minimal assistance, making them perfect if you're on the go, living in an apartment or rental, or live in a home where a floor-to-ceiling pole is not possible to install.

But with so many options on the market, you might be wondering what to look for in a life-long purchase. Keep scrolling as we've done the homework for you!

Get the Best of Spin & Static Modes

Spin pole is a fun way of doing tricks on the pole, while static pole is more about balance and strength. You can combine spinning and static moves for an exciting routine! Most pole dancers prefer over the other, but it's definitely essential to be able to do both. So when looking for a portable dance pole, ensure yours can switch without too much hassle. In case you're wondering, you can head straight to our selection of Portable Poles where each do the job!


Lupit Pole

Choose a Reputable Brand

Above all things, a portable dance pole needs to be safe and built out of quality materials. As you'll be using your body weight to manoeuvre and pull off tricks, it's important that you opt for a reputable brand that is proven, rated and recognised by pole professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Brands like Lupit Pole are pioneers in producing high-quality home poles that are safe, innovative, and easily set up/taken down in minutes. You'll be guaranteed an amazing workout every time!

 Quality Pole

Look for the Flexibility of Extensions / Adjustable Lengths

Ceiling heights vary from home to home, and as pole dancers, we need the flexibility to adjust our poles based on these requirements. Of course, longer portable dance poles allow for more tricks, however not all homes can accommodate the space. To ensure you can adjust your training to fit your home set up, ensure you choose a pole that can be fitted with accompanying extensions. Extensions will give you control over how high you set your pole at any given time. Fortunately, each one of our home poles give you the freedom to do just that! If you're still trying to work out which kind of pole will best suit your lifestyle and goals, read up on How to Choose the Right Pole.

 Pole extension


Dance poles are popular amongst avid pole dancers, due to their versatile build and hassle-free installation (if you need more convincing, check out our blog post on Why a Dance Pole is a Great Investment for Your Home!). We've teamed up with Lupit Pole to provide you with professional-standard portable dance poles that make pole dancing from home safe, and also enjoyable.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Pole Room is committed to ensuring you can live your pole lifestyle to the full! If you have questions that need answering for your home pole, be sure to reach out at shanae@thepoleroom.com.au.

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