3 Types of Knee Pads Explained

3 Types of Knee Pads Explained


Knee pads. They all do the same thing, right?! Yes and no...sure, they're all designed to protect you from grazing and bruising, and a lot of it boils down to personal preference. But what you may not know, is that different styles of knee pads serve different purposes. 

To cull the confusion, we've summarised our three main types, so you can really choose a pair that will suit your level, activity, and pole and dance style. Do you opt for a soft, quilted set for performing slinky floor moves? Or do you need extra padding and stick as you work your way up and down the pole? After reading this article, you'll be a seasoned pro!



Soft, comfortable and barely there. No, we're not talking about the latest range of Libra liners. These are your Quilted Knee Pads! Quilted Knee Pads are made out of soft material, and have enough padding to prevent your knees from the floor. 

Because of the fabric feel, you'll enjoy maximum range of movement. Highly recommended for floor work, dance or stretch classes! Because the padding on these are slightly thinner than other styles of knee pads, we suggest opting for these when you're an intermediate or advanced level of pole (unless you're born natural with super resilient knees).

These knee pads also come in a large range of different colours, patterns and textures. You can mix and match along with your favourite heels and booty shorts so you never have to repeat the same outfit twice. Our animal print and glitter styles are absolute musts!



Are you one of those people who always forget to put their kneepads on BEFORE their heels? We hear you! That's just one of the many reasons why we love the Velcro Grippy Knee Pads. You guessed it. They have rear velcro straps, making them super easy to put on and take off.

Why you'll love them? The gel dot helps you grip onto the pole. So if tricks classes and fancy moves are your thang, you're going to love the extra comfort and support. Due to the adjustable straps, you also have free reign when it comes to how tight you want them to fit.

Different shades available. Because who says protective gear has to be boring?!




The Slide-On Grippy Knee Pads are popular amongst beginners because they're hassle-free to put on, plus they have a super thick padding. Like their Velcro alternative, these pairs have the grippy feature that will make you feel secure during your pole tricks and dance sessions.

And what about if you want to extra, slip-free cushioning for your splits training? These babies will come to the rescue! Multi-purpose, comfy and durable, these things really have all boxes ticked.

We're stocked up in the classic gel dot grip, and also an animal textured grip. Go forth and slay!




Now you know that not all knee pads are made equal. Depending on whether you're the exotic floor queen, or the tricks-obsessed goddess, there really is a time and a place for every type of knee pads. If you have goals to be an all-rounder across dance, tricks and flexibility, you can always grab one of each ;)

Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Pole Room is committed to bringing out your personal style in pole. If you have questions that need answering for your knee pads, home poles, heels, and everything in between, be sure to reach out at shanae@thepoleroom.com.au.

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